• Cutting Landscape Constructions are Mornington Peninsula’s premier quality landscape construction company, leading the way in the Landscaping, Paving, Retaining Wall and Landscape Design industries.

    Cutting Landscape Constructions is a Mornington Peninsula business and Landscaping Victoria member, we are also registered building practitioners and hold licenses for Structural Landscaping, Non-Habitable Building Structures Work and Construction of Gates & Pool Fences Work. Cutting Landscape Constructions have proven to be a competitive and fast growing "boutique style" company in the Landscaping, Paving, Retaining Wall and Landscape Design industries. We pride ourselves on being reliable and punctual with professional standards, where all of our structural work is guaranteed for up to 8 years.

    Cutting Landscape Constructions can create and design your own individual masterpiece from scratch or give our own experience and ideas to design something to your liking, whether that be landscaping, paving or retaining walls, even for your pool surround, Cutting Landscape Constructions can assist with your dream.

    Let Cutting Landscape Constructions help you create your dream outdoor & entertaining areas.

    After years of operating on the Mornington Peninsula using numerous different materials and products with Landscaping, Paving & Retaining walls also with Jayson's experience working for Australia’s largest concrete and masonry company (Abri Masonry), Cutting Landscape Constructions has some of the best resources available to ensure you have the most modern, practical and enduring products on today’s market.

    Use someone local, we are right on the Mornington Peninsula and with our high professionalism and high quality workmanship, we are sure not to disappoint.

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    At Cutting Landscape Constructions, we specialise in all aspects of landscape design and construction. Whether you have your own design, need a little direction, or want the entire project planned for you, we will look after you. From townhouse patios to expansive outdoor entertaining areas and swimming pool settings, our experienced team will work with you to create a tailored outdoor space that suits your home, fulfils your needs, and brings the vision in your mind to beautiful, vibrant life.

    We pride ourselves on our professionalism: our expert team includes Jayson, who has a history of working for Adbri Masonry, Australia's largest concrete and masonry company, and all our employees are either fully qualified or apprentices on their way to being qualified – no subcontractors or labour hire.

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    We also take pride in using quality materials sourced through local industry knowledge, and will bring you up to date with the most effective and practical products on the market. And because we combine this with a deep understanding of landscaping, retaining walls, and paving, Cutting Landscape Constructions can deliver you a superior space that you can live in, play in, and be proud to show off.

    Cutting Landscape Constructions is a member of Landscaping Victoria, and a Registered Building Practitioner with the Victoria Building Commission. Based on the Mornington Peninsula, we are your friendly, local business with the expertise of a global company. Fully insured for your peace of mind, we promise a highly professional service, and guarantee all structural work for up to 8 years.

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