The Art of Landscaping

Cutting Landscape Constructions understands that landscaping is all about balance. We know that too much of one thing can be off putting, this is why we design our landscape to have a variety of different materials and products which includes a wide variety of turf, retaining walls, decking, paving, timber structures, drought tolerant plants, pebbles and mulch.

When we create and construct all of these textures and colours together along with our client’s taste we can transform even the dullest backyard into a tranquil private getaway that you will enjoy coming home to everyday. We understand about today’s day and age with water restrictions and growing prices of product and materials, so we work in conjunction with local garden/stone suppliers and tradesmen to install economic but long lasting landscapes.

Cutting Landscape Constructions can also install slow release irrigation systems and we specialise in drought tolerant gardens and lawns to deal with today’s restrictions. Our designers also work with a huge range of local materials, quarries, suppliers and highly qualified tradesmen to achieve the most economical and enduring landscapes for your masterpiece.